Actor’s Trouble memorizing lines? by Michelle Danner

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What if an actor has trouble remembering lines? What’s the best way to do memorization exercises? The last thing that I would recommend is to try to memorize lines. You should script analyze the scene and understand the script analysis of the scene in a deeply emotional way inside of you. What I mean by that is, if you look … Read More

F1 Visa Interview

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F1 Visa Interview An F1 visa interview is required to determine whether or not you are qualified to receive an F1 student visa. You need to arrive at the interview with all the required documents and receipts. You need to prepare ahead of time to answer personal questions about your decision to study in the US. Firstly, the F1 visa … Read More

Maybe it wasn’t right for you at that time – Acting Advice

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When you don’t get an acting job that you really want it’s because it wasn’t right for you at that time Acting Advice:     You have to believe that there’s something better coming. As an Acting Advice, Ty Burrell almost quit before landing “Modern Family.” He talked about being rejected all the time and then he found the job that … Read More