First steps for actors in Los Angeles by Michelle Danner

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I think that they should probably find a community of actors, meet actors, have conversations. I have lots of conversations all the time with people trying to figure out to do it better. To really engage people, to find good acting classes, a good ACTOR workshop, a good seminar where they can say: I´m going to the gym. First steps for actors … Read More

Mission of the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory

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There are many performing arts colleges and other colleges in Los Angeles California but come and see why we are considered one of the top 10 acting schools Los Angeles.   Acting School: Acting Classes in LA -Learn Acting at one of the Best Acting Schools in California. Though each acting program boasts a distinct acting curriculum. Actors enrolling at a performing arts schools in Los Angeles can expect … Read More

Economic Hardship Work Authorization – F-1 Student Guide

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YOU MUST READ THE ENTIRE GUIDE CAREFULLY.  ONCE YOU READ IT, START GATHERING YOUR DOCUMENTS AND EMAIL US WITH YOUR QUESTIONS AND TO SET UP A MEETING AT THE SCHOOL. What is Economic Hardship Employment Authorization? Economic Hardship employment authorization is permission granted to F-1 students by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to work off-campus due to specific economic … Read More

Optional Practical Training (OPT) for M-1 Students

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What is OPT for M-1 Students? Practical training is the only type of work permission available to M-1 students. It allows students to get on-the-job training that is not available in their home country. Eligible M-1 students may have up to six months of practical training after they complete their program. Students on M-1 visa must work in the field … Read More

Optional Practical Training (OPT) for F-1 Students

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Current USCIS Processing Times for OPT Applications: Click here (link is external) to view USCIS’s estimated case processing times. USCIS is currently experiencing serious delays in issuing I-765 receipt notices (link is external). Travel outside the U.S. with a pending, unreceipted application could be very risky. What is OPT? Optional Practical Training (OPT) for F-1 Students is work authorization available to international students who … Read More

Learn Method Acting

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Beginner acting class in-person. The Method as developed by Lee Strasberg will allow you to learn how to create a moving performance, infused with vibrant inner life.  Learn how to find a character’s inner motivation in order to find authenticity in the performance. Learn how an Actor Prepares, Building a Character, and Creating a Role. Method acting is a technique or type of acting in which an actor … Read More

MASTERCLASS with Hollywood acting coach Michelle Danner “The Golden Box acting Technique “

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THE GOLDEN BOX 2 Day MASTERCLASS acting technique analysis We will help you to develop your own “Golden Box” of techniques and tools that you can use when approaching a role or a scene, whether it be for film, television, or theater. Discover the answers to the following questions: Why are some choices more powerful than others? How does one deliver a … Read More

Golden Box Intensive Workshop

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Michelle Danner will be teaching the golden box acting intensive workshop will be held Saturday October 9th 12-6pm & Sunday October 10th 12-6pm.Let me know if you are available to join the 2-day bootcamp.The Golden Box: Two Day Bootcamp intensive acting technique analysis- You will accumulate a comprehensive set of “acting tools” when approaching a role or a scene, whether it be for film, television, … Read More

What I learned about acting from Stella Adler by Michelle Danner

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 What did you see in your teacher then that you wanted to emulate to your students now and also vice versa what did you see that maybe didn´t work that you wanted to make sure that you provide it for your students. In the late 70s and the 80s I was running around NYC studying and luckily enough studying with … Read More

Actor’s Trouble memorizing lines? by Michelle Danner

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What if an actor has trouble remembering lines? What’s the best way to do memorization exercises? The last thing that I would recommend is to try to memorize lines. You should script analyze the scene and understand the script analysis of the scene in a deeply emotional way inside of you. What I mean by that is, if you look … Read More