Resumes and Interviewing

This course is designed to teach students how to craft the perfect resume and cover letter to find that perfect job. After submitting the resume, the student must know the appropriate way to follow-up an application. This will help students prepare and make the best possible impression.┬áThe interview is the final hurdle most people have to cross in getting a job. Being chosen for an interview means someone is interested in your skills, knowledge and experience. However, a great application or resume can quickly find its way into the garbage if you do not come across well in an interview. You now must become a sales person. The interviewer is the buyer. They want to see if your talents meet their needs for the job or for admission to the college. The interview is when you want to tell the employer or admissions representative about your strengths, skills, education, and work experience. Knowing yourself – positively selling your strong points – is what is going to get you the job or admission to the college. In this class you will also learn how to create a resume.