Reading and Vocabulary

This course focuses on improving reading comprehension of various writing types that students are likely to encounter. Simple texts will be used to sharpen the students’ comprehension as well as speed of reading. Students will learn about literary devices, how they are used and why.   Students will learn important skill, such as how to use context clues, for deducing the meaning of more challenging texts. Exercises, discussion, and note-taking assignments are used to develop skills of critical analysis. Vocabulary will be continuously introduced at each class meeting to expand reading comprehension.

Students will work on and improve their English through reading and analyzing film screenplays. Students will be analyzing scripts from Oscar nominated and Oscar winning films, such as The Great Gatsby, Les Miserable, Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle, Bridesmaids, Atonement, Juno, The Godfather, Birdman, and many more. In the process, you will expand your vocabulary, pick up American speaking rhythm and tonality, and learn to improvise.
You will develop essential language skills – reading & listening comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary and pronunciation.
Each class will fuse skill development with the practice of theatre and film performance and production, which may include: improvisation, grammar worksheets, focused discussion, reading samples, script analysis, in-class writing, pronunciation and articulation development, and watching / commenting on works of theatre and film.