Filmmaking Class

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Filmmaking Class

Do you want to learn how to shoot, direct & edit a film?

We’ll be starting from the ground up. This Filmmaking Class program is also great for experienced content creators who want to learn Next Level Creators methods for how to SHOOT high quality video.

Filmmaker class

Learn the fundamental laws of cinematic & emotional filmmaking in the fastest timeframe possible

Day 1: Fundamentals, Gear & Camera Settings

What you should look for when buying a camera, lenses, lights, mics, and so on.The exact gear you should buy depending on your budget and goalsThe fundamental camera settings for quality videos 1-hour exercise: Content quiz and practicing with what you have

Day 2: Focal Lengths & Lenses 

The different types of lenses What you should look for when purchasing lenses Frame rate tutorials: How to get the best slow-motion footage Getting creative with focal lengths1-Hour Exercise: Focal length challenge & practice foundational camera settings

Day 3: Filmmaking Class Composition

Ideal image composition10 primary camera angles Composition that evokes emotion Make boring things look awesome with movement.

Day 4: Cinematic Movements

How to increase the quality of your videos by adding cinematic movements Handheld movements techniques Tripod movement techniques The different tools (Steadicams, gimbals, etc.) and how to use them1-Hour Exercise: Practical exercises for learning movement

Day 5: Lighting

Fundamentals of lighting White balance Split lighting The 3-point setup Color temperature How to get cinematic lighting in a difficult environments Creative lighting techniques1-Hour Exercise: Practice the 3-point lighting setup.

Day 6: Sound Design

Capturing clean audio Editing audio Professional sound design Finding & selecting sound effects Finding & selecting soundtracks & songs for commercials 1-Hour Exercise: Downloadable practice material + practical exercises

Day 8: Professional Editing Walkthrough

Learn how to edit in: DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut ProFull walkthrough of each editing softwareChoose whichever program you like! 1-Hour Exercise: Download the example footage and follow over-the-shoulder editing tutorial to recreate final commercial.Day 9: Intro To After Effects 

Adobe After Effects animationsKeyframing in aftereffects Creating and using Motion Graphics templatesSeparate yourself from the crowd with motion graphics. 1-hour exercise: Download practice commercial and remake all the graphics in the tutorial.

Day 10: Virtual Job Shadows

Follow us on live commercial sets. Learn how to direct talent Understanding both sides of the camera. Observe our start to finish process in action. Commercial breakdowns: Behind the scenes of profitable video advertising. 1-Hour Exercise: Film a creative lighting scene.

Day 11: Scriptwriting & Using A Storyboard

What is a value video?Basics of scriptwritingKeys to developing an effective storyboardCreative ways to get attentionPre-production process for planning your commercial shootsWatch us write a script for 14-day filmmaker. 1-hour exercise: Write your first script and develop the storyboard 

Day 12: Shoot Your Commercial

Day of preparation7 strategies for finding on camera talent (for free)How to shoot mouth-watering B-rollGetting into state for leading the shoot and winning the dayThings to remember, getting the shots, extra b-roll tipsWatch us shoot the 14-day filmmaker commercial.

1-Hour Exercise: Shoot your first commercial


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