Associate Degree of Occupational Science in Fine Arts and Filmmaking

Film Directing Program Classes 




In the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory’s Film Directing Program, students will acquire the knowledge and skills
necessary to become a professional film director. Through this fundamental training program, students will learn the
history of American and international cinema, study the classics of American cinema, learn the
basics of cinematography
(cameras, lenses, lighting, etc.), and propose and develop original stories they’re driven to tell.


Students will have the opportunity to brainstorm with guest working professionals to formulate and hone these stories into
filming scripts.
Concurrently LAAC film directing students will write and shoot their own short movie. They
will acquire, through a mentored rehearsal process, the techniques to work with actors and
to develop the abilities necessary to inspire actors to deliver powerful performances. They will show their
completed work at our annual film festival.
The result is that through a hands-on approach, students
of the Film Directing Program, will learn all aspects of filmmaking. From pre-production to production
to post-production, students will experience all that is involved in making a movie and will gain
confidence in pitching their ideas and understanding the processes
involved, both on set and behind
the camera, to realize these ideas.


One thing is to watch, analyze and learn, and another is to do.
In our program, students will learn what it’s like to shoot a short movie that they wrote from scratch.
The result is that they will learn all aspects of filmmaking in a
hands-on approach to shooting
and will be confident pitching their ideas.
After completing the program our filmmakers will have
the skills to go out into the professional world and contribute to the film industry,
as well as work that they can show and a full-length screenplay that
they can pitch.

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