Esl School in Los Angeles, CA – the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory!

The English as a second language classes Level 2 12-week intensive is designed to help students continue to achieve competence in the spoken and written English language by focusing on understanding various American accents (Standard, Texan, Louisiana, Southern, Boston and Brooklyn), becoming familiar with popular idioms, phrases and expressions and studying industry specific writing, vocabulary and communications. Our English as a second language classes are designed for any individual with foundational knowledge of the English language already in place that are seeking to improve their skills in a professional capacity and setting by utilizing methods that will help them in their day to day living.

This intensive program is designed for anyone who is pursuing a career in the theatre or film arts, such as actors, screenwriters, producers and directors. Students will be prepared to perform in plays and scripts in the English language, and to speak, read and write in the context of a work environment in the industry of American theatre and film. Students will be instructed in how to build a resume, conduct themselves during industry business meetings, perform during an interview and understand specific needs of the theatre and film industry. This program focuses on practical and proficient use of the English language. They will be taught by a Faculty proficient in English with appropriate degree and/or commensurate professional experience and/or qualifications in TOEFL.

NOTE: Students subject to SEVP regulations may take ESL Level 1 and ESL Level 2 only if they are enrolled in a full course of study at an SEVP-certified program.

English as a second language classes

English as a second language classes schedule

American Accents 4h Monday 12PM – 4PM Everett Aponte
Business Writing 4h Tuesday 12PM – 4PM Everett Aponte
Resumes and Interviewing 4h Wednesday 12PM – 4PM Brian Legaspi
ESL for Actors 5h Thursday / Friday 12PM – 5PM Brian Legaspi
or ESL for Business Jobs 5h Thursday / Friday 12PM – 5PM Everett Aponte