Learn English as a second language thru Performing Arts



Build your confidence when speaking & writing in English.

ESL Classes | Learn English as a Second Language

If you are an international student and want to improve your English language abilities
English Grammar and Writing, Reading and Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking then our ESL Classes and ESL program is a perfect way to start. The ESL classes and program are designed for any individual seeking to learn English, but with the unique twist of applying methods from film, television and stage acting.

We offer international student’s beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Study English in the USA

Our ESL school focuses on English language development through the art of acting. Students will be analyzing scripts from Oscar nominated and Oscar winning films. Our practical, hands-on learning will expand your vocabulary, pick up American speaking rhythm and tonality, and learn to improvise. You will develop essential language skills – reading & listening comprehension, critical thinking and pronunciation.. Students will gain practical experience that will benefit them in the entertainment industry.

Want to learn English and study English in Los Angeles California? Contact 310.392.0815 & email us at losangelesactingconservatory@gmail.com to inquire about all of our ESL classes and our ESL schools. English as a second language program in Los Angeles, California address: 2219 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405.  Our ESL Classes and program allows international students learn English as a second language. English Grammar, Writing, Reading, Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking will be taught thru Performing Arts.