ESL for Business Jobs

This course is designed to help students apply grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking skills in the business world of the film and theater industry. A career in any business requires clarity of thought and speech as well as courage under pressure to deliver when it counts. A career in the film and theatre industry require specific skills, vocabulary and knowledge of certain norms specific to those industries. Learning English is more than just teaching grammar and vocabulary. It´s also about teaching how English is used in different contexts. For example, how you speak to your boss is totally different to how you speak to your friend. So, what is business English? It´s English that´s fit for international corporations and business deals. It usually means learning a new jargon and how to speak appropriately, concisely and diplomatically in the office.

Business English covers a broad range of topics. It includes:

  • How to write a resume in English
  • How to sit and conduct a job interview in English
  • How to improve business English report writing and presentation skills
  • How to hold meetings and conferences in English
  • English business etiquette tips
  • How to use business English on the phone and via email
  • How to make sales calls in English
  • How to persuade potential clients and negotiate using business English