This course provides students with an opportunity to develop and strengthen speaking and listening skills needed in both formal and informal encounters. Through interactive tasks, role-plays, and presentations, students will build up fluency, accuracy, and appropriateness in a range of communication situations. Students will be introduced various common idioms used in American English, what they mean, and how they are used.

The ESL program specializes in providing its students with practical, hands-on learning. Students spend time developing vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, all while gaining practical experience that will benefit them in the entertainment industry. Through informal conversation, students will practice the daily conversations necessary for living in America. They learn to avoid rudimentary mistakes, learn commonly used words, and pick up the rhythm and musicality of American English. By spending an entire class period working on conversational skill, our ESL class prepares its students for the rigors of living, working, and succeeding in America.

Our English conversation lessons have been specifically developed to help improve your English speaking skills and to build up your confidence during daily interactions. You may have great writing, reading and listening skills but find holding a conversation extremely difficult; if this sounds like you, then our speaking English class is ideal.
Our English speaking course focuses on a variety of situations and will include a range of teaching methods to improve your skills such as role plays, debates, group discussions and presentations. When you have completed your spoken English lessons, you should have a wider level of vocabulary and have improved your fluency, accuracy, pronunciation and listening comprehension