The emphasis is on hands-on experience. Students gain invaluable experience directing and shooting their own films and serving as integral crewmembers on other students’ films. In their numerous projects, students take on roles such as director, cinematographer, writer and editor and experience first-hand what it’s like to be a part of a film production. Each student will write, shoot, direct and edit her/his own films.

“The best way to become a filmmaker is to simply start making films.”

Well Rounded Filmmaking Program

Students will acquire in this filmmaking program the knowledge and the skills through this fundamental training to become a director. Learning the history of American Cinema, studying the classics and thinking about the stories they need to tell. Our aspiring filmmakers will brainstorm with working professionals on how to formulate them.

One thing is to watch, analyse and learn and another is to do – very early on our students will know what it is like to shoot a short movie that they wrote from scratch. They will acquire the techniques to talk to actors and to get them to deliver powerful performances. The result is that they will learn all aspects of filmmaking in a hands on approach to shooting and will be confident pitching their ideas and understanding what really goes on set and behind the camera.


12-Week Filmmaking Intensive

12 Week Filmmaking Intensive will give aspiring directors a foundation on how to analyze a script and inspire their actors on set. If it’s not on the page it’s not on the screen. To be able to learn the fundamental rules of screenwriting and direct actors to bring them to life is a great workout.

The result in this 12 weeks program is that directors will feel comfortable talking and giving adjustments to actors. A journey that is crucial in Filmmaking