Acting Theory I

This course studies the art and craft of acting. We will continue to focus on developing a set of tools for an actor to use in the creation of any role for performance. This class will approach acting as inherently improvisational. It is based on the truth of the moment. Particular emphasis will be placed on tapping into the actor’s authenticity. Also immediacy through in-class exercises with partners. We will hone skills such as observing, listening, imagining, playing and focusing.

Acting Theory II

This course builds up on Acting Theory I. We will learn how to craft a role and build a character. Students will be encouraged to have fun, take risks and work closely with each other. A practical hands-on approach to acting. Utilizing Meisner, Strasberg and Adler’s approach to acting in order to perform on the stage and screen. With truth, confidence and depth. Lectures will be supplemented with exercises, and work on monologues and scenes with a partner.

Topics include: Concepts and misconceptions of the Stanislavski ‘system’ and the Strasberg ‘Method’, Relaxation, Sense Memory and Emotional Memory, Imagination work, the Given Circumstances, the ‘Magic If’, Need and Actions, Improvisations, the Repetition exercise, Animal exercise, and more.

Acting Theory III

This class will build on what you have learned in Acting Theory II. In this advanced acting theory class you will further learn how to perform on stage with truth, confidence and depth in order to make your performance outstanding.